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Bridging the Gap is designed to help individuals in a treatment or correctional facility program make the transition from the institution to A.A. 

One of the most difficult legs of a journey to continued sobriety is the “gap” between the time one leaves a facility or institution and when that person makes their first A.A. meeting. The act of reaching out for help and attending your first meeting can be fearful and intimidating.

What we have to offer is an opportunity to have a member of A.A. contact you and take you to your first meeting. (see the "Find-A-Meeting" tab on this website for a list of meetings on the Eastern Shore). This contact can offer you assistance in meeting other A.A. members close to where you live (by zip code), and offer you a chance to build your own support group.

We have found this to be essential for those who really want recovery. The A.A. member contacting you will be able to answer any questions you may have about the A.A. way of life and will be capable of helping you start your journey to lifelong sobriety.

To arrange for this initial contact, please mail in the information requested below to the Bridging the Gap Coordinator. You will be contacted on the day of your scheduled release date. Until then, don't drink! We need you as much as you might need us.

<Information you submit will be kept confidential, and will be used only for contact.>


Phone No.* ,where we can reach you:

Before Discharge: _______________________
(if applicable)
After Discharge: _________________________

Address: ____________________________

Town/City: __________________________

State: _____________ Zip:* ____________

Age:* ____________ Sex:* ____________

Discharge Date:* _____________________

Institution:* __________________________


   Institution Address: ____________________


   Town/City: ____________________________

     State: _________________  Zip: ___________

BTG Coordinator
BOX 368
Onancock, VA 23417
Tel: 757-710-8821

A.A. members say: "...When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there, and for that I am responsible"



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